Company today known as D-Link was initially known as Datex Systems in 1986 when it was founded in Taipei, Taiwan. Once it went public and indexed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1994, the name of the company changed to D-Link Corporation as we know of it today. On that day it also became the first networking company on said Stock Exchange.

In 1988 Datex Systems presented the one of a kind Network Operating System known as LANSmart, which definitely held up to its name. It basically allowed an easy method of control of new and somewhat complex network systems such as TCP/IP, and Netware, which was quite difficult at that time. To operate LANSmart you just needed to know the basics of MS DOS system which made quite an impact on the networking scene.

In 1995 D-Link Corporation expands its manufacturing plants to India, creating an Indian branch. This is where first dual speed 10/100 Mbps Ethernet adapter. DES-604 and DES-608 switches found their place to the market.

In 2003 D-Link’s Research and Development with manufacturing crew separates from the parent company to start Alpha Networks Inc., a company which is today known as one of the top tier networking distribution management system (DMS) providers.

2007 marked an important milestone for D-Link Corporation, as global consolidated revenues surpassed $US 1 billion. On top of that, the company was awarded the TUV Rheinland Star five star certificate, which made it easier for more financial institutions to recognize potential of D-Link, which further boosted the company’s rank among competitors.

D-Link DIR-655 Wi-Fi 802.11n Certified Router

In the same year, D-Link released the first Wi-Fi Certified 802.11n which was also proven to be one of the most efficient and best selling routers with that certification for a long period of time.

Ken Kao – Founder of D-Link Corp.

In 2008 D-Link’s founder, mr. Ken Kao, passed away on 2nd of April at 58 years of age.

A series of awards followed up, almost on a yearly basis. D-Link was awarded with Outstanding Innovation Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2009, the Taiwanese Excellence award in 2011 and it was ranked as the sixth most valuable Taiwanese brand at that time.

In 2012 D-Link shifted its focus to additional networking gear, mostly for average home consumers such as portable routers, cloud cameras, smart switches and integrated security solutions for both business and home markets. Soon after we witnessed releases of first smart home products.


More recently, D-Link introduced integration with Apple’s and Amazon’s ecosystem, by providing the Apple Homekit enabled home security camera and integration with the Amazon’s Alexa hub system.

D-Link – Building Networks for People

Today, D-Link continues with its initial design and innovation philosophy, with the goal of assisting in creating a world which is connected, more convenient and smarter. The plethora of products D-Link provides today is vast by all standards and it is easy to get lost in configuring your home to be the ultimate smart home.

D-Link Corporation Around the World Today

Editor’s note: This is an informative historical article, for any troubleshooting for your D-Link product kindly refer to your model’s D-Link user manual or check out our D-Link modem troubleshooting category.