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What Is Wi-Fi 6E All About?

by Ryder Lund
What Is Wi-Fi 6E All About

Wi-Fi 6, also specified as IEEE 802.11ax, is a networking standard using 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, making it a partially completed technology. Here is where Wi-Fi 6E comes into play as it has the 6 GHz frequency range added to its portfolio, making it a significantly more flexible and capable tech. In addition, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has declared 1200 MHz as one of the options within the 6 GHz band, which is a lot more when compared with the more widespread 400 MHz used by the 2,4, and 5 GHz frequency bands. With this standard put in place, routers will acquire more options to dispatch wireless data, resulting in faster and more stable connectivity without as much interference issues, particularly in densely populated apartment buildings and general areas.

What Difference Does Wi-Fi 6/6E Make?

Not everyone is bound to experience issues with classic Wi-Fi signals before this period, so the differences might not even be noticeable in scarcely populated establishments. Wi-Fi 6E does come with a speed bonus, about three times that of standard Wi-Fi, theoretically. The most significant benefit to Wi-Fi 6E gets angled towards improving the capacity of the network to supply data to more simultaneously connected devices. In many use cases reported so far, congested apartment buildings were always a hotbed for unreliable wireless connection. As a result, many devices would get disconnected from the networks. In the best-case scenario, the data transfer speeds would drop as little as possible if the connection remained active.

This experience would soon prove to be quite intolerable for activities such as online gaming. An exception to the rule is HTML5 casino-based games, where the content is pre-loaded at certain times and can be played temporarily even with connection issues. Still, once the game would require some information from the server, the player might experience crashes. It is always a shame to have a fun session of Lucky Lightning, Gonzo’s Quest, or a live casino game ruined by slow internet. However, having a reliable Wi-Fi connection makes a world of difference in such online gaming.

Wi-Fi 6E Is Gaining Momentum

As reported by Broadcom, an American manufacturer and global vendor of semiconductors, Wi-Fi 6E is gaining ground across the planet. The earliest adopters were North America, where FCC granted authorization for 6 GHz Wi-Fi, to the most recent ones, including the United Kingdom and several African countries such as Morocco, Kenya, Turkey, and Oman.

There is a lot more to Wi-Fi than the average person might consider over transfer speed itself. With Wi-Fi 6E, the swath of airwaves comes as the most significant upgrade compared to previous technologies. It creates a lot more space to get used to all of the Wi-Fi protocols and procedures required to work as efficiently as theoretically possible. Once the quantity of Wi-Fi 6E specified routers increases, it is expected for these devices to have no issues distributing the signals to their dedicated devices, as is the case with Wi-Fi 5 and previous standards.

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