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[Solved] VPN Error 812 in Windows 10

by DMG Webmaster

We all like issues that can be fixed with the press of a button and don’t require too much technical knowledge. Unfortunately, the VPN Error 812 isn’t one of them. It tells you that there is a configuration issue, usually one related to connection authentication. And though the fixes are complex, our guide is anything but.

Fix #1: Tackle the Error 812 by configuring the External DNS settings

If you’ve dealt with the similarly-complex VPN Error 691 in the past, you’ll be familiar with this step. If not, we’ll quickly navigate you through it for a fix that is often all that’s needed to fix the Error 812, as difficult as it might seem.

Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run menu. Once it’s up, type in ncpa.cpl, find your VPN connection, right click on it and go into Properties.

First, make sure that the Primary DNS is set to Domain Controller and then head to the Secondary DNS to modify the External DNS settings.

The Primary DNS’ range should be set to, and if it isn’t, set it and restart the VPN after confirming the settings. While this usually fixes the problem, there are still steps to take if Error 812 keeps coming up.

Fix #2: Modify the Network Policy settings

Because the Error 812 often comes up after an update, a few quick tweaks to the Network Policy might do the trick. In the Network Policy menu, find the Tunnel type Condition and press on the given Condition, which will either be set as L2TP or PPTP.

Whichever Condition you have, select the other one, press OK and then restart the VPN. Try to connect and see if you’re still getting the Error 812. If you are, go back to the Network Policy menu, revert to the original setting and restart the VPN once again before attempting to connect.

Fix #3: Reinstall the VPN, try another VPN or talk to your network administrator

By now, we’ve pretty much covered everything you can do to fix Error 812 with limited access to the network. Since we mentioned that this error frequently appears after an update, one thing you can attempt to do is to reinstall the VPN software on your own machine, and then afterwards all of the other machines in the office as well.

If this error came up as soon as you started using a VPN, one thing to try is to switch to another VPN client altogether. We like Ivacy VPN in our office, as it’s well-suited for enterprise solutions, easy to set up and use and hasn’t given us this or any other errors that complicate things. Alternatively, talk to your network administrator or someone within tech support, as exhausting the aforementioned solutions means that better access and familiarity will likely be needed to resolve things.

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