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[Solved] VPN Error 619, incomplete connection error

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Easy errors don’t always translate to easy solutions, and the VPN Error 619 is just about that type of a problem. While getting it tells you that there is a problem with the server or machine you are connecting to, finding out what’s wrong isn’t as straightforward. However, our list of quick fixes should have it taken care of without too much trouble and get you back to full connectivity.

Editor’s note: do not mistake VPN Error 619 with the VPN Error 691, although they have similar numbers, it’s a completely different issue.

First fix for the VPN Error 619: disable or tweak the firewall

We can’t tell you how many times our co-workers were quick to point the blame to our trustworthy Ivacy VPN when they were getting the Error 619, the Error 807 or any of the other most common issues. In reality, the VPN was working fine, but it couldn’t allow any connections through because it was being blocked by one or more firewall software suites.

When tackling this issue, we recommend a gradual approach. Ideally, the firewall on your machine would have been installed by a tech support specialist, and both the Windows firewall and the third-party firewall would have been configured in a way that doesn’t impede any connectivity. So, start by navigating to the Windows Firewall and making a security exception for whichever VPN you are using, both for incoming and outgoing connections. Restart the VPN and see if the error is still coming up.

If it is, try disabling the Windows Firewall, restarting the VPN again and seeing what happens. If this hasn’t helped things, it’s time to look into third-party software. Find out which third-party firewall you’re using (there will oftentimes be several of them installed on a single machine) and repeat the process, uninstalling each of them if an exception didn’t help. There is also the possibility that you have a hardware firewall in your router (or a firewall that covers the entire office), but you’ll likely need help from tech support to tackle this issue.

Second fix for the VPN Error 619: check your proxy

A proxy should generally be redundant if you’re using a VPN, but many forget to remove it and allow for a clean connection. Depending on your office needs, you might also require the use of a proxy on top of a VPN, but it should be fairly easy to figure out if one is causing this issue.

Simply go to the Proxy Server section in your Windows machine and see what’s the lay of the land. The “Automatically Detect Settings” option should be enabled, as it will let the PC detect that a VPN is running and configure the proxy to allow a connection’s passage. From there, turn off the “Use Proxy Server”, and if it was on, hopefully the Error 619 will stop giving you issues.

As is the case with the previous fix, you’ll probably want to check whether the entire office network is set up to use a proxy, as the issue can oftentimes not be localized to a single machine and therefore out of your hands.

Third fix for the VPN Error 619: Tweak your settings

By now, we imagine you’ve reset the router plenty of times, restarted your machine and done all of that stuff. That leaves you with one thing to do before handing the issue over to tech support, and that’s checking your VPN configuration.

In the “Network and Internet” section under your Windows Setting, go to VPN and then try making an altogether new connection with the “Add a new VPN connection” option. The prompt should be fairly easy to navigate through, but whatever you fill in, the most important part is to make sure that the new connection is set as PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol), as this is one of the most frequent causes of Error 619. Afterwards, try connecting with the newly-made VPN connection and see if that resolves the issue.

If nothing has changed, you can try reinstalling the VPN on your end, attempt to connect to a different server and see if other devices on the office network are using the latest version of the VPN. However, you’ll most likely need to forward the issue to someone with more technical knowledge and access to the full office network configuration.

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