Generally speaking, you would expect for your router to be a bottleneck when it comes to high performance internet, but in this case, you might want to look at upgrading your internet plan. Feast your eyes on Verizon Fios Wi-Fi 6, a new high performance router designed to handle Wi-Fi 6 speeds with ease and across multiple devices.

Data transfer speeds is really something you don’t need to question here, and there is yet another area where the Fios excels – dealing with multiple connected devices at the same time. Today it is normal for regular households to have multiple connected devices, whether these were smartphones devouring YouTube videos, online gaming on PCs, high bandwidth downloads, or even security devices which also have a high frequency data requesting profile.

In such situations, security and privacy protection plays an important role. For proper management of this, speed and bandwidth both need to be on par with the demand in order for all the intelligent software to be able to receive all the required data to function properly.

Of course, for the entire system to take advantage of all the goodies that the Wi-Fi 6 standard brings to the table, all of the interconnected devices need to be Wi-Fi 6 compatible.

On a Verizon plan, this router will cost you an additional US$15 a month or you can buy it independently for US$299. There is also a range extender available for US$10 monthly payment, or US$199 as the purchase price.

Source: The National Interest

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