Development of IoT devices in the recent past has posed quite a challenge, even for the more experienced people. It demanded a significant amount of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of software development, network infrastructure and technical standards. Recently we witnessed a number of manufacturers offering devices which can bridge this gap so that more people can get involved into the Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensation which enables everybody to bring their idea to a concept and final product.

Verizon and Sequans have also took part in this, offering Monarch Go and Monarch Go-GPS. These two devices are based on Sequans Communications’ Monarch GM01Q LTE-M chip, upgraded and certified by Verizon with high band antenna and pre-installed SIM slot.

Monarch Go-GPS has also been upgraded with a GPS antenna which can provide location information as well.

This makes it easy for one to quickly go from an idea to a completely functional product, without all the fuss and work related to development process.

Certification of Monarch Go IoT devices, provided by Verizon, makes it extremely easy and convenient for users to seamlessly connect and make use of Verizon networks wherever available. This further cuts down the cost and time required for one to get a hold of a completely finished IoT product.

Source: IoT News

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