UHS (Universal Healthcare Services) experienced a cyberattack last Sunday, and the progress of recovering the network and dependent applications is still ongoing. UHS spreads over 400 locations throughout the country and this cyberattack definitely shook the efficiency and workload of the service, as stated by Dr. Jonathan Reiner, cardiologist working in Washington.

Cyberattacks by themselves should definitely be treated as criminal acts, but it definitely serves as a reminder, or a warning, to just how fragile a somewhat complex and important system can be. In terms of modern healthcare, computers and networks definitely improved the quality of the service, but it also found its way into some critical data security systems. As said by representatives of the UHS, there have been no records of any patients information being stolen or misused.

During the attack, network was swiftly taken down so technicians had more leeway for getting everything back on track and patching up the problem which allowed for the cyberattack to take place. Effects of it were notable, since a lot of patients data are stored on the servers so for safety reasons, a lot of scheduled surgeries, checkups and other medical procedures were postponed or cancelled. For a while, the UHS was back to manual data accumulation, using pen and paper.

Source: CNN

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