Technicolor S.A. is a technology company with a fairly rich history, going back all the way into the 1890s. Its roots are closely linked to Thomson company, and being a renowned French company which sells communication products and services, Technicolor maintained that tradition. The current company’s name Technicolor was officially acquired in 2010, rebranding it to step away from the original film technology roots. Today it is common to find Technicolor routers and modems, usually designed in conjunction with Centurylink.

If you found yourself in a position where your Technicolor device is not working properly, the best thing you can do to quickly get it up and running is to go through our Technicolor Troubleshooting section. Here you will be guided through some of the most common and typical problems that affect Technicolor devices, which will help you get over those problems in a fairly quick manner.

For additional information, configuration setups or general data regarding your Technicolor device, please visit our Technicolor User Manual section. Here you will find first party manuals as provided by the manufacturer at your disposal. These documents contain every single bit of information you might ever need when it comes to configuring and using your device as intended.

Where can I download the Technicolor Router TG588V Manual

In case you didn’t find the solution for your problem in our Technicolor Troubleshooting section, you can continue your troubleshooting journey with a digital version of the Technicolor Router TG588V Manual. To download it, just follow this link, no registration required: