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Synap Wireless Published a Lora Device on Kickstarter

by DMG Webmaster

Synap Technologies Ltd. recently published a Kickstarter campaign which includes the X10 Data Collector and Synap BR100 modem. What makes this project interesting is that you don’t need to be a highly skilled programmer to make use of it, quite the contrary – as per Synap’s announcement, no hardware/software skills are required to operate these IoT devices.

In general, IoT sensors on their own are somewhat of a specialist device. They require a lot of adapting and configuring to actually work as intendent, which obviously deters a lot of regular folks from tinkering with this really interesting concept. The system works almost like an Arduino, in a way where you simply plug in the sensors into the LoRa modem, as the sensors communicate with the modem through standard RS485 connection. Wireless network created with this method is completely private and secure, using a unique Network ID.

This modem allows for seamless connection of digital sensors, transforming them into modern Internet-of-Things devices, completely hassle-free. If you would like to learn more about this device, please visit the campaign by following this link.

Source: Vanilla Plus

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