As technology moves forward, multiple strings of society usually grab on to innovations in the industry to significantly improve the efficiency of businesses, quality of life and improve safety and privacy when it comes to personal data. It is no different with 5G – the new technology brings much higher data transfer rates, more reliable connection and lower latency, which is the natural way of growth for networks.

It is more than likely that 5G will become the next big thing with regular everyday communication through smartphones and other devices that connect to the Internet, but there are also many improvements that can be taken advantage of in more professional environments.

Therefore, Siemens and Qualcomm have partnered up to create a private 5G network in a completely industrial environment, showcasing the potential benefits and advantages of this new technology. The test network was created at Siemens Automotive Test Center in Nuremberg, Germany, featuring 3.7 – 3.8 GHz band.

Implementation of 5G in an industrial environment shows how big of a potential it has to improve highly complex industrial plants that rely on fast and reliable data transfer in between modules in production. This partnership has definitely enabled Siemens Automotive to set some very high goals in terms of plant efficiency and increased output for future manufacturing projects.

Source: Web Wire

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