SatixFy is a high-tech company founded in 2012 which designs future proof satellite communication systems, based entirely on in-house design. Their offices can be found in USA, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Israel, focusing on development of electronically steered antennas supporting the most recent standards like the DVB-S2X.

Their latest innovation is a chip which can be used with LEO, GEO and MEO systems, taking into account every spectrum of wave performance and fade profiles. The chip has a code name as SX3099 and it is the first chip designed with intent to be compatible with the DVB-S2X standard. On top of that, it also includes some modern formats such as the Super-frame format type 5,6 and 7. It also supports DVB-RCS2 transmission which has a frequency of 400MHz.

SX3099 is designed using advanced silicon processes, which results in the chip having a very low power requirement, with multiple power saving modes to work with in addition to that.

We expect to see a showcase of the new chip at the Satellite 2020 trade show which will take place on 10th of March in Washington, D.C.

Source: PR Newswire

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