Humane is the name of a somewhat mysterious startup project which seems to be hiring quite a few of ex Apple employees. The startup was founded back in 2019, with their focus being on fixing people’s relationships with technology devices, as it has started to become somewhat unhealthy. Their focus is to design technology which would be adjusted to human nature, both by design and functionality.

Most notably and recently, Ruben Caballero joined their ranks to develop their first product, about which there is absolutely nothing known.

Ruben Caballero was Apple’s main 5G technology chief and vice president of engineering. He is now hired as a technology advisor at Humane. We would guess that Humane’s mysterious product seems to be somewhat 5G related or at least requires some kind of connectivity.

It is also interesting to note that Humane startup itself was initiated by two ex Apple employees as well, designer Imran Chaudhri and director of software engineering Bethany Bongiorno. Ruben seems to share his ex colleagues’ passion in terms of employment and legacy so it is definitely going to be interesting to finally get some more information about their first launch product.

Source: Apple Insider

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