With the ongoing trend of limiting the amount and variety of ports on modern gaming laptops and especially ultrabooks, fast ethernet connection has become something to wish for. However, the whole point of this type of a downsizing is to make use of very fast USB Type C standard. Until now there weren’t many high performance Ethernet adapters, but Rivet Networks is looking into changing this.

Rivet Networking‘s sub brand Killer is behind the latest and greatest in ethernet adapter technology. The new 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) to USB Type-C 3.1 adapter is world’s first USB dongle designed to fit more extreme PC users, gamers and enthusiasts alike. This is accomplished by software adjustments built into the dongle, which, for an example, detects when the network is being too crowded and prioritizing network gaming in order to improve performance of that aspect. This is done within the so called Killer Prioritization Engine. It is also capable of putting a halt to all processes which aren’t required during gaming session which significantly decreases the amount of spikes in latency you might experience otherwise.

If you are looking into purchasing this device, it is now available on Amazon for $US49.99, so be quick to grab one and enhance your portable online gaming experience.

Source: Notebookcheck.net

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