Raytheon and L3-Harris are high profile aerospace industry manufacturers, providing high tech solutions as per individual designs based on the client’s requirements. One of the latest clients they will be working with is the U.S. Air Force, and the product they will be developing in this endeavor is a modem device.

As you might imagine, modems and other similar communication devices play a critical role in U.S. Air Force missions and tasks, where data transfer security, reliability, as well as encryption algorithms all come together in a single package. This is not going to be an ordinary every day modem, that’s for sure.

Focus is set towards satellite communication and the research and production is going to take place in Marlborough – Massachusetts, Camden – New Jersey and Salt Lake City – Utah. For such a high profile project, both companies received a ceiling contract of US$500,000,000, with delivery orders topping out at US$37,639,960 for Raytheon and US$30,604,891 for L3-Harris. Modem is expected to be developed, produced and delivered up to April 1st of 2025.

Hopefully, the average consumer might also gain some of the benefits of this major project, as it wouldn’t be the first time that military technology found its way into augmenting everyday devices.

Source: Defence Blog

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