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Qualcomm Powered 5G Router Available At Verizon

by DMG Webmaster

Verizon’s 5G network coverage is already looking pretty good and it’s just going to get better with a new ace they have up their sleeves. Enter Qualcomm QTM527 – a new and very powerful antenna manufactured by the American networking and cellular vendor which intents to increase the range and reliability of the millimeter 5G waves transferring data. With the ongoing 5G craze, these news come as no surprise as we are definitely walking into this as the new Internet standard.

The new router is very sleek in its design too, and it comes with some interesting features, such as the device being able to self install with assistance of the Android application. With this device packing such high power, it is possible to install this device inside, without any external antennas being connected, but only in cases where there are no signal blocking materials in the walls or special kind of windows, such as the ones enclosed with E-Glass.

In ideal conditions, the new Verizon’s router transmits and receives data up to 1.7Gbps, which is quite a milestone. In terms of coverage, no map has yet been published, which is understandable as the ideal router setup is still being tuned up so we are definitely looking forward to the latest coverage map.

Source: PCMag

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