Qualcomm and Intel are currently in a dispute whether or not Qualcomm’s alleged malpractices forced Intel out of the modem chip manufacturing business. Apparently, Intel sold this segment of their business to Apple at a significant loss, which was due to Qualcomm’s alleged artificial and immoral competition practices which chokes out all competing products at a very early stage of development.

In January of 2020 we are expecting to see the conclusion of this dispute. Points that need to be cleared are whether or not Qualcomm did force problematic licensing practices, which would support the previous ruling where the U.S. Federal Trade Commission won the decision.

Intel has invested a lot of money, time and manpower to design and produce high tech products that will eventually find their way into Apple’s iPhones, but it is a shame to see Intel giving up on the business by selling it to Apple. It appears that they are only after potential damages done by Qualcomm, but far cry from getting back into this market in the long run.

Source: Reuters

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