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Ericsson and PowerLight Partner Up to Develop a Laser Based 5G Base Station

by DMG Webmaster

Innovations in 5G technology are becoming more frequent. One of the biggest announcements was the partnership between Ericsson and PowerLight Technologies, which resulted in the world’s first successful power-up of a 5G base station using lasers. During their testing, the system has transmitted several hundreds of watts across several hundred meters over the air.

What Benefits Does Laser Tech Bring Over Wired Connection?

The biggest benefit of the laser-powered base station over a standard wired one is faster connection and deployment of the stations, eliminating the requirement for power to the device, which requires wire. This would prove to be most beneficial in cases where immediate 5G deployment is necessary, such as in emergency aid, large events, etc., reducing expenses and time required to set it all up. With more development and research, this technology might actually find additional use cases, such as recharging drones wirelessly or providing power across large distances, such as from the solar arrays.

As if all of this was not exciting enough, PowerLight Technology is currently involved in developing a special type of fiber optic cable which would be used as the carrier for laser power. When compared to the standard, run-of-the-mill copper-based cable, this would have advantages in terms of not emanating any signature while also being lighter. Several other companies are involved in this research and we will keep an eye on developments regarding this topic.

Source: Ericsson.com

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