Ex 3Com, Palm CEO and co-founder of Bridge Communications Eric Benhamou recently announced that BGV, the venture capital house he founded, recently closed their fourth fund. This enables the newly founded company to invest in startup projects which will cover the upcoming innovations. His approach to investing in these startups is to allow their CEOs to work with BGV, share interests and build the companies from ground up as they face challenges every startup faces sooner or later.

Scaling of the business is another important aspect of investing into startups, as this is what drives true growth in the modern technology business we know of today. Eric Benhamou prides in startup and often mentions the challenges he had to endure, which makes him more than qualified to provide insight and true aid for upcoming startups.

Their main focus are cloud based services, cloud applications, infrastructure of scaling websites, development of artificial intelligence as well as true industrial IoT development. With such a vast pool of startups to choose from, we are very confident that this BGV fund will definitely find projects worth investing into, that will find their way to their customers.

Source: AltAssets

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