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Pack of Four TP-Link Smart Plugs On a Discount!

by DMG Webmaster

Building your own smart home system can be quite a daunting task, both in terms of money invested as well as proper configuration. If you’re looking into designing your own smart home, TP-Link’s recent offering can definitely secure a head start, as you can get four Wi-Fi smart plugs for $US26.99, which is 50% down from its original price.

Smart plugs truly represent the entry device for anyone looking into smart home configuration as they are highly flexible. As any other proper smart plug, it connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network, not requiring anything else in between. Once it is connected to your home network, anything plugged into it becomes a smart utility. To spark your imagination, you can have a smart lamp, smart chargers, smart heater cores (although you need to mind the power rating – 3kW maximum), or whatever else you might need or want to have as a smart, connected device or utility. Some people simply use these plugs as security devices, activating the power outlet over the Internet to leave an impression that somebody is home when there is no one there.

If you are interested in purchasing this set, follow this link to the related Amazon page, the offer is up for a limited time.

Source: WCCFTech.com

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