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Nokia Releases 4G/5G Network Slicing System

by DMG Webmaster

Network slicing is basically partitioning of a network into logical and independent network system on a true physical network. Each of the slices can be configured differently, in a way to maximize efficiency and fulfill requirements of that specific region of the network, working as an isolated section of the network. Management of each of the slices is done through software called Mobile Virtual Network Operator for which Nokia has a replacement as discussed in the following paragraph. Automation of this is no easy task, but Nokia seems to have found a way to do just that.

Nokia refers to their solution as “extreme automation”, which signifies how much Nokia believes in this new innovative solution. It is aimed at network service vendors who are looking into cutting the inherent costs related to this process. Embedded in the system is the Nokia’s latest Digital Operations Center, which is a software suite intended to be used as the central hub for network slices management and configuration of the same in a fairly simple manner.

The system is aimed primarily at 4G and 5G network as these have proven to be the new standard, both outdoors and indoors as benefits extend further than Wi-Fi when you put these technologies side by side.

Source: ZDNet.com

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