Wi-Fi has been around for a long time, with the biggest problem of the technology being mediocre coverage of an internal space, like your home for an example, particularly where there are thick walls surrounding a certain room. With mesh Wi-Fi systems this issue is being solved in quite a simple manner which does come with some caveats, mainly related to latency and common connection losses.

Nokia’s new Node Beacon 3, which has proven to be one of the best mesh type routers on the market, is now being cut in price down to US$98, which is definitely a good opportunity for everyone looking into enhancing their home Wi-Fi coverage. Management and configuration of one’s Nokia mesh Wi-Fi system is done by means of a mobile phone. The mobile application is also capable of controlling other device connected to the network such as television sets or smart home devices. By adding more beacons of this type you are linearly improving the efficiency, speed and reliability of your home network for the most demanding of tasks.

In order to purchase one of the Nokia’s latest and greatest in home networking technology, head on to the Amazon page to grab a set of your own.

Source: iLounge

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