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New Chromecast Has Ethernet Support – For 20 Bucks

by DMG Webmaster

With the news about the latest Google Chromecast out of the way, we are gladly looking forward to featuring this device on our website. For years Google’s little pocket sized gadget has been bringing a lot of joy to homes all around the world as it would simply work as it should. You would literally forget there is a Chromecast hooked up to your TV, and the fact that it’s hidden behind it, out of sight, doesn’t really work in its favors in terms of noticing it.

With the latest Chromecast reaching stores and online web shops, we’ve been scouting out for news related to Ethernet adapters which would be compatible with the device. As you might expect, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of people inside their homes for longer periods of time, which does put a strain on streaming services. When you combine the ever rising resolution appetite of the consumers, bandwidth comes out into the highlights. Even though Chromecast’s Wi-Fi works great, you just can’t beat connection by wire, especially when it comes to huge amounts of data being streamed off the Internet (think of 4K Netflix here).

Ethernet adapter will be available for the latest Chromecast as confirmed by Google and you will be able to purchase one of your own for $US19.99 once it reaches Google Store.

Source: Android Police

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