During the last half year, Netgear’s shares have dropped by 30%, which is a direct result of a decrease in sales. Looking short term in the future, it doesn’t appear as if Netgear has a properly laid out plan in front of them.

As you probably know, Netgear is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of networking equipment such as routers, modems. Currently there is a strong focus to support and produce 5G equipment which is one of the saving straws for Netgear. According to Bryan Murray, Netgear’s CFO, the expected revenue to follow in the Q1 of 2020 is to be up to $220 million.

Investors are focusing hard on following how the company will be working with the upcoming challenges as it is obvious that a lot of work has to be done in order for Netgear to maintain the high position it has as it used to. It is advised to look somewhere else in terms of stock investing, at least until the 5G gear comes into play where it would be possible to determine if there is any steady growth to be expected in the period to come.

Source: Nasdaq

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