Wi-Fi 6 routers are slowly coming into the market, representing the best in modern home and business networking technology. As one would expect, this new standard comes along with faster download and upload speeds, but there is much more to it. To spark some imagination, Wi-Fi 6 comes with 9.6 Gbps in comparison with Wi-Fi 5 3.5 Gbps.

In order for one to make the most out of these higher speeds and improved features, proper device should be used. Netgear routers are well established on the market and their new entry, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR1000 router brings a lot of bang for your buck.

This new router is powered by DumaOS 3.0, an improved operating system which significantly reduces latency and has many gaming related features and benefits, making it a good choice for hardcore gamers. One of the biggest benefits of DumaOS are built-in features such as:

  • Traffic Controller – an app capable of tracing and blocking traffic coming in or out of a specific program
  • Ping Heatmap – gives you an overview of best servers for your location
  • Bandwidth Allocation (QoS) – gives priorities to games, allocating bandwidth to devices running games
  • Connection Benchmark – a quick overview and test of your connection to make sure everything is running right


Source: betanews.com

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