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Netgear BR200 Router Provides Data Security When Working At Home

by DMG Webmaster

As the COVID-19 pandemic still rages on, it has become common to see people working their regular 9 to 5 jobs from home. With a lot of those jobs being highly dependent on Internet connectivity, issues have become apparent in terms of reliability of such working practice. Whether the network in general has started to feel the increased load of a significantly higher number of users working from home, or the demands have increased per individual users, a more dependable solution would be more than welcome.

This is where Netgear jumped in with the BR200 Insight Managed Business Router, which allows for the home user to connect to a compatible BR200 unit at the company’s headquarters, which increases reliability of such connection and especially data security. Resources can be easily shared this way, which includes all shared folders, NAS devices or any other such asset.

Working from home has definitely a concept which was put to test with the ongoing pandemic, and even if this situation lasts for a long time, specific industries could actually benefit by their employees working from home. Regardless of what lies ahead, Netgear’s BR200 device might be setting some trends for the upcoming future and home-business communication.

Source: Forbes.com

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