Here at 4to5jack we deal with all kinds of Internet related issues and present some typical solutions and advices that work in normal business or home use. However, sometimes scientific principles, chaos theorems and most of all coincidence work together in ways that might just make your head spin. Recently, a mysterious case of Internet going out every day at the same time in a village in Wales was resolved.

After several months of analysis, exploration and even infrastructural changes to the grid were done, local engineers went in with a spectrum analyzer which can detect any irregularities such as electrical noise and its approximate source. As expected, at right about the same time at which the Internet connection was going out for months, a burst of interference was detected and traced to one of the houses. In there an old television set was deemed the culprit for the problem, as it was the source of a single high-level impulse noise, which basically knocked out all broadband connection for a couple of hours.

The same principle applies to appliances such as microwave ovens, security cameras or even smart outdoor lights. It is advised to check for proper certification and whether or not these devices are operating within their designated bands.

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