Nucleus RTOS is a closed source real time operating system designed by the Mentor Graphics corporation, supporting both 32 and 64 bit embedded platforms. Since its release in 1993 it has gained quite a reputation for being a robust and flexible operating system for use in specialist applications, and it seems that MediaTek is also going after it for their upcoming modem devices.

The new operating system will be used for all ranges of modem chipsets, starting way back with 2G, as well as the newest, state-of-the-art 5G chipset. This fact alone says enough about how robust Nucleus RTOS actually is and it is no wonder that Qualcomm is putting their faith into it.

Nucleus RTOS platform is designed to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of hardware devices such as FPGAs, MPUs, DSPs and MCUs. It also comes with proper middleware functionality as well as complete integration with Mentor Graphics’ Sourcery tools which are used for software development in all of its stages. MediaTek is definitely going to find success working with this operating system, as it has proven to be a valuable asset for decades now.

Source: Electronic Engineering Journal

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