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LTE Home By Verizon Reaches 190 Markets In US

by DMG Webmaster

Verizon’s LTE Home service was launched in July of this year and up to this point it rapidly expanded. Rural areas have benefited the most from this and you can find this service in 48 states within North America. Even though the service is rapidly expanding, there are still areas which aren’t covered, so if you are interested in subscribing, make sure that you are within range by following this link.

In order for one to get access to the LTE Home service, $US240 is required upfront for the router, or you can go with the monthly payment for the router across two years as per contract which is $US10. Service itself is priced differently, depending on whether or not you are subscribed to the Verizon cellular services or not, but to make things simple, if you are a subscriber you can get LTE Home for $US40 a month, as long as you are on a cellular plan which costs more than $US30 a month.

There are additional benefits if you are a new user coming in, so make sure to visit the above link to get the most out of this excellent offer. As one might expect, there are no data limits, with average download speeds coming in at about 25Mbps.

Source: Engadget

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