In a recently taken survey, 75% of participants have stated that they are not sure about whether or not their current billing plan is fast enough, while a huge majority is still waiting to upgrade their service. This is now a popular topic due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced a lot of people to work from their homes, putting their Internet connections to the ultimate test in terms of speed, reliability and security.

It’s important to know that the service providers have been put to the ultimate test, both in terms of their infrastructure as well as customer support, as both of these aspects are fully booked at the moment. Not only is that everyone is working from home, colleges and schools have also moved partially to online classes and mentorship, which is usually done over streaming video. Services of this sort put an extreme strain on the infrastructure.

At the end of the day, it is important for every single user to be educated and aware of options that are available. A lot of users have only a single provider to choose from, and given the limitations of the infrastructure, in a lot of cases not a lot can be done in terms of improving speed. Make sure to check out all of the options you have, compare your Internet speeds with your closes neighbor and your distant family so that you know in which space you fall in and whether or not you should make a move.

Source: TechRepublic

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