HomeKit is a technology designed by Apple, which basically acts as a hub for home connected devices. Ideally, whichever devices you might have around the house that are compatible with this technology, can be accessed with a centralized app on your phone.

This technology includes special lights, home hubs, comfort devices such as climate control, security locks, entertainment, networking etc.

Obviously, for this concept to work, you need to have everything covered on the technological side. For existing devices, mainly routers, it is possible and probable that you will see updates enabling you to work with HomeKit.

Linksys Velop line of routers (included devices below) is about to receive these updates, which will definitely improve their product’s capability and appeal. Based on the official statement by Linksys, once your Velop system is linked with the HomeKit application, you will be able to control every compatible device in your home, also increasing the level of virus and malware protection, which is critical when there are multiple devices connecting to the same system.

It is important to know that only specific Velop products will be eligible for this update:

  • A03
  • WHW0301 & WHW0301B
  • WHW0302 & WHW0302B
  • WHW0303 & WHW0303B

Source: Apple Insider

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