Home security has come a long way, and with implementation of IoT into our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that we are seeing all kinds of innovations coming built into everyday devices. Linksys, being one of the leading router manufacturers has already innovated with the Velop Mesh router series, which are capable of detecting movement inside your house. As it stands now, they are up to even more detailed awareness within – health monitoring.

To be more precise, you do need a certain set of hardware for this kind of system to work as it should. You need Wellness Pods, Velop nodes and software called Linksys Aware, which is capable of tracking and processing breathing patterns, quality of sleep etc. This is all done without anyone having to carry a wearable device or a camera, making it completely autonomous in its operation. Obviously, this raised quite a few eyebrows as it does interfere with privacy.

Linksys managed to create this system by smart software which measures any discrepancies in radio wave strength in between at least two nodes also provided by Linksys. Frequency of measurement is up to 30Hz in such a basic configuration, but it is actually possible to increase this to 1500Hz. With this significant increase, a lot more data can be processed since any discrepancies are detected at a much higher rate, including breathing.

Currently there are no prices to be specifically mentioned, but at the time of writing this, you can get an annual subscription to Linksys Aware for only US$24.99.

Source: The Verge

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