If you have ever looked up the question How do I fix my printer?‘ or ‘What cartridges do I use for my printer?you understand that finding answers to those simple questions is a lot harder than you thought. If anyone understands you, it is the InkEvolved team of printer experts. 

Having encountered our fair share of printer problems back in the day, we started toying with the idea of starting our very own printing helpdesk early in our college years.– The InkEvolved Team 

This simple idea changed not only their lives but the lives of tens of thousands of people who struggle to find a straightforward answer for any printer issues they encounter. Three years after launching the site, they decided it was time for yet another significant change. InkEvolved announced that they are rebranding!

New Printers, New Authors

With new names come new authors, and so do new printers. So everything new is coming to the site where positive inkinghappens. However, it is no longer InkEvolved, but ratherPrinterHeadlines, close to their partner site GamerHeadlines. 

Apart from the name change, they will be enhancing the team and content by introducing four new members and four new printers. Although, as it has been so far, each author is responsible for their printer brand, the same applies to the new authors. The eight types of printers available are Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh. 

Over 1000 Articles And Counting

Thus far, the team has provided over 1000 articles to printer users in need of printing solutions. However, given that the team has gotten an upgrade, so will the content that comes from them. Alongside the troubleshooting articles for the new printers, visitors can also expect more topics related to printers. Henceforth, subjects such as news, manuals, tutorials, and reviews will also be available on the PrinterHeadlines site. Everything anyone news to stay in tune with the printer world. 

The printing community can also expect new posts on their social media platforms with the new site content. Since one of their goals is to bring the printer community closer together, being active on social media platforms might get everyone to one place. 

Last but not least, several technical changes will also be happening behind the scenes. To improve the site user experience, the team has decided to move from the unmanaged WordPress platform and try out the unmanaged solution from Kinsta. They also agreed to go with the tagDiv platform due to its good performance and features. You can check out all the improvements atPrinterHeadlines.