In 2019 alone, Huawei reported that they have sold over 12 million routers, as announced by Zhi Hao, President of Huawei’s IoT product development line.

Products priced over approximately $US28 were leading the charts, with most of the sales being completed online. Huawei introduced a significant line-up of WiFi 6 standard routers, and these sales numbers were towered by those.

If you’re not yet introduced to WiFi 6 technology, it’s basically the latest and greatest in home wireless data transfer, making use of some of the 5G technology concepts as well, mainly in having two bandwidths. With this, WiFi 6 allows for a wider and better coverage in comparison with previous generations of the technology.

With that said, it’s interesting to note that WiFi 6 products are in most part being sold by Huawei, as well as a whole plethora of other IoT products. In 2019 we witnessed a major breakthrough after introducing the new technology, while 2020 is more about providing that technology to as many users as possible.


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