Linksys has made a public announcement in which they state that the HomeKit support is coming up to their Velop brand of routers, and even thought there aren’t any specific dates, these are some definitely exciting news.

Update should arrive to your Velop system automatically, which will make it possible for you to add your home router device on your Apple smartphone via the HomeKit application. However, there are some limitations here, in terms of device compatibility.

Only three Linksys routers will currently offer this functionality: WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303 which are to be linked to Velop Routers sold at Apple Stores. Last year, Apple announced that HomeKit application will be compatible with routers by Linksys, Charter Spectrum and Eero, and now it seems as if Linksys is the first router manufacturer to bite on the concept.

Most of the improvements made by using this system are are related to security benefits like prioritizing firewalls of all of the connected accessories, disabling them from barging into your network without proper credentials. This is basically a smart network monitor which will keep an eye on all of your HomeKit connected devices and block any unwanted traffic.

Update 2/14: It seems as if Linksys doesn’t plan on releasing these benefits just yet. Details such as “to be available soon” were posted by mistake, so don’t hold your breath just yet, we might be looking at a slightly longer wait.

Source: 9to5Mac

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