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Happy Birthday to Invader.com

by DMG Webmaster

Believe it or not, but our colleagues at theinvader.com are celebrating 18(!) full years of existence. This makes them older than even most of the currently active Esports organizations on the planet. While arguably the most famous of the bunch, Major League Gaming (MLG), happens to be a peer of theirs.

Back when this all started in ‘02, our understanding of Esports barely went beyond impractical LAN parties destined to turn into prolonged D&D sessions after everyone gets fed up with cable management, two hours in.

The idea of earning cold, hard cash by being more successful in video game tournaments wasn’t completely outrageous, of course. But the sport was still in the earliest days of its infancy, so doing that consistently was pretty much out of the question.

Fast-forward things 18 years, and lo and behold: “doing that consistently” has pretty much been The Invader’s motto ever since. Consequently, this anniversary is as forward looking as they come. Because the outlet is keen to continue bringing us varied coverage of all things gaming.

The world of Esports, in particular, is definitely deserving of such treatment, not least of all because the industry is currently mere weeks away from breaking the billion-dollar valuation ceiling that’s been hanging over it since forever. While few doubted competitive gaming would get there eventually, the unique circumstances arising from 2020 have been a pretty massive boost to the industry throughout the majority of the year.

Therefore, as we are finally witnessing the dawn of a truly new sporting era, it’s good to still see some trusty old faces from back in the day. All of whom are as willing and eager to see where these exciting times lead us as we are. Which the folk at The Invader most certainly are, so best of luck to them moving forward!

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