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Google Working On a New, Cheaper Wi-Fi Router

by DMG Webmaster

Google’s Nest Wi-Fi system is all about good Wi-Fi coverage inside a closed space, as they say it on their own, these routers “blanket” the area with reliable and fast Wi-Fi signal. The idea is to have one base unit which connects to your modem and spreads out the signal in all directions, with multiple access points forwarding it and effectively improving the quality of the signal in every corner of your home. However, this solution, as ingenious and convenient it might be, comes at a fairly high price.

Meanwhile, Google has been working on a somewhat simpler and more affordable system which requires no Assistant to work, known as the Google Wi-Fi. Another huge benefit of this system is simplicity of setup but advanced features and protocols have been tucked away for those who are looking for them intentionally. Other than cosmetic changes to the Nest Wi-Fi lineup, not much other is known in terms of features or technical specifications, but we believe that Google is making a step in the right direction with this. Not many network manufacturers can vouch for simplicity in terms of configuration and setup, and it is a well known fact that Google does know how to keep things simple for the average consumer.

Source: Android Police

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