Edimax Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1986 and quickly got into network equipment engineering and manufacturing. Being based in Taiwan, it took some time for the company to create subdivisions all around the world which is an essential move to succeed in this business. Today, Edimax Technology has subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Ukrane, United States, India, Australia, China – basically all over the world.

After some rough years in the early 1990s, in 2003 Edimax Technology Co.Ltd. managed to obtain ISO certificates, most notably 9001 and 14000 along with the Taiwan Excellence Mark award. With this notable achievement, Edimax Technology Co.Ltd. managed to penetrate into new potent markets.

In 2001 Edimax Technology Co.Ltd. was listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

2005 was the year when Edimax managed to acquire a lucrative business for the Japanese government, providing a system known as Kansai Electric Power Smart Meter Module, which was shipped in May 2010. At this point Edimax was one of the rare external suppliers for Japanese government.

As of 2014, Edimax was positioned right up there in the top 40 most vlauable Taiwanese brands.

Today, Edimax is one of the most lucrative advanced networking communication products vendor. They put a lot of focus into engineering, design and manufacturing processes for a wide variety of products, which also continues into after-sales troubleshooting and customer support at a high level.

Their development team located in China and Taiwan is made up of 200 talented engineers and staff members. This is necessary as in-house solutions are required for specific application in businesses as well as finding the most optimal solutions for home users at an appropriate price.

Editor’s note: This is an informative historical article, for any troubleshooting for your Edimax product kindly refer to your model’s Edimax user manual or check out our Edimax modem troubleshooting category.