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Edge and Chrome Browsers Received Adobe Acrobat Extensions for 2022

by DMG Webmaster

The new Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge is now available. This innovative tool will significantly facilitate the manipulation of PDF files since it will allow users to edit, convert, and share this kind of file from the browser. Furthermore, two users can even edit the same file simultaneously, a truly innovative feature that makes this extension a step ahead of the rest.

This application is free but also has a premium version with extended functionalities. The free extension will be more than enough for those who only need to sign documents and make quick comments. On the other hand, those who need more specific editing tools, and want to access the premium features, will have to pay for the subscription.

Adobe Acrobat Premium PDF Features

As mentioned by the guys over at PDFSnatch.com, the premium version allows highlighting, commenting, and signing documents from the browser, but there are exciting features that only subscribed users will access. For example, with the paid version, users can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or rich text documents with just a few clicks, a task that otherwise requires installing software.

In addition, subscribers will be able to edit documents thoroughly from their phone or tablet, including text, images, bullet lists, and more. In addition, this version also allows manipulation of entire text blocks, making formatting considerably easier.

With the paid version, users can make simple edits to image files, such as rotating them, moving them around, or simply removing them from the document and replacing them with another one. Furthermore, users can combine up to twelve PDF files into one and manipulate all pages individually when subscribed.

Finally, subscribers will also be able to password-protect their documents and compress large PDFs to make them easier to share and download.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022: New Creative Features & Extended Functionality

Adobe is betting on innovation in every area it covers, and the Photoshop Elements 2022 update is a clear example. This is because it will include wholly new creative features to amplify the current capabilities of the software.

Photoshop Elements now offers new artistic effects, animated overlays, and a tool for warping images and giving them a new meaning. The update also includes new guided edits, one for pet pictures and another for extended backgrounds. In addition, the new slideshow styles let users show images, and the Organizer now plays GIFs while previewing them.

Lastly, this update is free for all Adobe Photoshop Elements owners.

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