Australian citizens are now able to buy new DIY bundle for home smart security, with a couple of well-known and reputable products featured in the package.

This new bundle goes by the name “MyD-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle” and it includes a Smart Motion Sensor, Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera with the Smart Home Hub built in, as well as a Smart Door and Window Sensors. All combined and you get a system capable of a 151 degree viewing angle while the integrated ZigBee Hub offers capability of recording the footage directly to Network Assisted Storage devices, classic local HDD or cloud storage.

The biggest benefit of purchasing this specific bundle to improve your home security system is to make use of D-Link’s Smart systems, which now uses AI integration enabling you to configure the bundle to your liking. This includes detecting an individual person, detection of multi-zones within your home, establishing certain boundaries with alerts when these have been compromised as well as creating priorities for certain zones. The level of customization is really high and this is where D-Link hopes to find buyer’s interest.

As you might expect, the system comes with its own application for smartphones, and you can also integrate it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if this is something you prefer.

At the moment of writing, the D-Link DCS-8331KT Smart DIY Security Bundle can be purchased for AU$299.95 in Australia or NZ$349.99 in New Zealand.

Source: PCWorld

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