2020’s iF Design Awards have come and gone, with D-Link takings some notable awards. iF Design Awards are held as a part of International Forum Design GmbH, taking place in Hannover. Competition is always quite intense, this year there were almost 7300 entries coming in from 56 countries all over the world with high hopes of acquiring this well-known stamp of approval.

This year’s winner was D-Link’s Full HD Pan/Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera, carrying model number DCS-8526LH. Considering the fact that the jury was assembled from 78 members, and with all the other fierce competitors joining in on the hunt, this is definitely a notable win for D-Link.

The D-Link DCS-8526LH is definitely packed with features. It comes with:

  • Auto-Motion Tracking – including 340° of automatic pan with a tilt of 100°, achievable during tracking of a moving object.
  • Panorama View Angle Selection – it is possible to observe the camera’s range of view and tap on the screen to focus on a specific area of interest.
  • Edge-Based Person Detection – an algorithm which can intelligently identify a human in motion.
  • Video Recording – ability to record footage to an externally mounted microSD card, a phone or cloud storage, making it possible to access anywhere online.
  • ONVIF Compliant – support for ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum), featuring compatibility with NVR, VMS or NAS.
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi – camera can be connected to the Internet through both wireless and wired connection.
  • True Full HD – camera captures footage at 1080p resolution and 30FPS framerate.
  • Two-Way Audio – camera comes included with a built-in microphone and speaker.


Source: AcroFan

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