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D-Link Announced Industrial Access Points for Industry X.0

by DMG Webmaster

Industry X.0 is a term created by Accenture (an IT services consulting company), by which the use of modern and sophisticated technology is used to empower existing infrastructure, making it more modern, flexible, and efficient. With that in mind, D-Link has announced their latest series of advanced access points, dubbed DIS-3650AP and DIS-2650AP. The latter is specified for indoor use, while the DIS-3650AP is an access point capable of withstanding a harsh outdoor environment. These types of devices represent the key factor in the success of Industry X.0 as a concept, and D-Link is looking into joining the fun rather early.

Features and Technical Specifications

Both new access points feature dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, with top-end bandwidth reaching 1200Mbps. MU-MIMO is supported by default, allowing multiple data streams without losses in bandwidth, and there are plenty of additional features you might not see in commercial access points, such as band steering, airtime fairness, and fast roaming optimization. Another important and handy feature of both of these access points is that they are PoE (Power over Ethernet) ready, reducing the cabling clutter. Installation and setup are convenient, as the devices will come with an included DIN rail mounting kit, with support for Nuclias Connect being enabled by default.

Being industrial-spec, the DIS-3650AP has an IP-67 rating, offering protection against water and dust, while the DIS-2650AP is specified at IP-30, making it safe against physical harm caused by solid objects.

We expect these routers to perform well in sales, as they offer everything for a reliable and robust operation in the harshest of environments. For mission-critical tasks, such as automated factories, smart transportation, or even smart cities, access points need to perform well and offer suitable bandwidth to accommodate the elevated use case scenarios.

Source: https://www.dlink.com/en/latest-news/d-link-embraces-industry-x0-with-resilient-industrial-access-points

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