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Cisco Plans to Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2040

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The industrial age has taken a toll on our environment, showing increases in air temperature of 1.5°C on a global average. As is the case with most environment-conscious large companies, Cisco is looking forward to decreasing their impact on greenhouse gases to zero in the next two decades. Scientists and experts in the field have determined 2050 to be the last resort before major consequences occur due to climate change.

What Kind of Action Is to Be Taken?

All of that sounds awesome at a first glance, and it is easy to hop on the environmental care bandwagon, but Cisco does in fact have solid plans to push through in order to accomplish said goals. First of all, the company is looking into investing in carbon removal solutions and implementing those in all of its supply chain manufacturing plants. Then, renewable energy sources will take the majority of energy consumption for Cisco and their partners, which will have a long-term effect of increasing the energy efficiency rating of all of their products in the future.

These actions have already been taken, as Cisco has gradually implemented a portion of these plans across the last 15 years. Some of the countries where Cisco does business and manufacturing have already reached 100% usage of renewable energy sources, none other than the United States themselves. In recent years, Cisco has also committed to designing its products with repairability in mind, allowing their products to outlast current industry trends. With the new legislation called “Right to Repair” storming the Internet and technology community, this comes as excellent news and we believe Cisco will find new supporters and customers for that move alone.

There are many more aspects to cover when it comes to becoming environmentally friendly, especially when your goal is 100%. For Cisco, the recent move is just the continuation of the trends that have changed their business for the better, and we believe that their goals will be achieved by 2040, if not sooner. Cisco does have a history of overachieving, for example, in 2019, the company surpassed its own plans by one year, when its goal was to reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million metric tonnes. With that achieved, Cisco took action and announced new plans regarding supply chains and GHG goals.

Source: https://newsroom.cisco.com/

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