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Belkin Featuring 5G Hardware for Business and Home

by DMG Webmaster

With the Foxconn’s purchase of Linksys and Belkin, it is no wonder that we are seeing new networking hardware being offered by this company. As you probably know by now, 5G represents the fifth generation of wireless data transfer technology, and as per expectations, the most notable improvement over the last generation’s standard is in speed. There have been significant improvements in lower latency of the connection as well, with Linksys currently working on new hardware to drive the new technology across the globe.

On CES 2020 Belkin has presented the latest and greatest in 5G technology, with the first one being a smart 5G Mobile Hotspot. It supports 5G and WiFi 6 which dramatically improves speed and reliability. It comes with a USB port for quick charging so that your devices close up always have a place to top up in case battery goes flat.

Linksys also provided us with news about their upcoming Mesh WiFi 6 router and the Velop WiFi 6, which improves their lineup of routers compatible with the latest wireless technology.

Velop 5G Mesh Gateway was also announced, a device which combines Intelligent Mesh Technology with 5G network’s power. This is basically a two-in-one device supporting AX and WiFi.

Source: TechRadar

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