From 2015 to now, the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has delegated funding of a network expansion project in Mississippi area, which would be executed by AT&T. In said period around $US285 million have been paid to the vendor. Reports indicate that there are many areas which were specified as locations for the new AT&T network that still didn’t receive the proper connectivity. The PSC (Public Service Commission) in Mississippi has since filed for a public service audit, which would give solid proof of how far AT&T went from the original contract.

The project was designed to deliver internet connectivity to most rural areas which are having difficulties with establishing stable and continuous internet connection. So far, AT&T’s response was somewhat of a generic sort, especially when you take into account just how long this has been going on, with claims going on about presence of connection where there really isn’t any. The deadline for AT&T to establish this network has not yet been reached, as it is due to the end of this year, however, in the upcoming two months until the end of the deadline, it is doubtful that the project will reach its final stage as stated in the contract.

Hopefully the audit will be completed soon and with concrete evidence about lack of service in some of the areas this issue will be quickly addressed.

Source: ArsTechnica

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