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AlphaWiFi Illegally Resold Comcast Service

by DMG Webmaster

AlphaWiFi is an Internet service reseller and the company is currently in a legal clash with Comcast. Allegedly, AlphaWiFi was reselling Comcast’s Internet service in Denver’s residential area. As a result, Comcast has terminated the service resold this way, leaving a lot of users without broadband Internet connection during these testing times. A lot of people are also working from home, with Internet being basically their lifeline for work.

What makes this entire matter almost laughable is that both companies blame each other at this point, since AlphaWiFi’s president said that Comcast was aware of their business plan.

During the time of the pandemic, many Internet Service Providers actually signed agreements pledge to keep their users connected. However, since this agreement expired by the end of June, it is not covering these users anymore so they are basically left without any Internet service for the time being.

AlphaWiFi has stated that they are also working with Comcast to accelerate service restoration to affected users, as most of their jobs are on the line. Since nearly a month is required for one to transfer to another service provider, this is more than welcome, but we think that this incident should have been dealt with in another way, without affecting the end users so abruptly.

Source: ArsTechnica

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