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6G – When 5G Simply Is Not Enough

by Ryder Lund
6G Network Explained

5G is taking the world by storm, and it is possible to purchase hardware devices such as smartphones and reap the benefits. As far as further development goes, it did not take too long for 6G rumors and speculations to set in. One of the leading entities in its development in China, with Yang Xiaowei representing the Chinese establishment for cyberspace. As stated, China will accelerate efforts in terms of 6G development to adapt to the increasing requirements of international data flow and data protection, resulting in benefits for the entire digital economy. It is expected for 6G to dwell among us in 2030 at the earliest, with experimental network stations set for launch in 2028. China has already made steps towards an experimental version of 6G by launching a satellite into the atmosphere to develop the high-frequency terahertz spectrum.

6G Technical Specification Digest

First assumptions suggest that 6G might be up to 100 times faster than currently viable 5G, which transfers into speeds of up to 1 TB of download in a second (8,000 Gbps). These speeds are more than impressive, but the decreased latency might make more in-depth improvements with nearly instant connections. In addition, autonomous vehicles and drones can benefit from data transfer speed and reduced latency as a lot of data. This change alone might be the catalyst for further development in that area.

6G would bring an entirely new level of reliability and integration into everyday lives for regular Internet usage. From simple things like online entertainment and games to virtual reality, 6G can allow developers to significantly improve upon what we have today. For the developing world, this would mean further integration into modern online gaming services such as sportsbooks betting, and casino games, aiding in creating jobs for the surrounding population. In addition, by providing more bandwidth and speed, more customers could join in on the fun of watching sports events online and placing bets, improving the overall experience tenfold.

Who Might Be the Early Adopters of 6G?

As previously mentioned, China is investing a lot of thought and resources into 6G development and experiments as they have already launched a satellite to assist with the research. On European soil, 6G is getting researched in Finland at the University of Oulu. Their 6G Flagship research gets based on accumulating the available information to determine the best possible outcome. In addition, Vodafone Germany has made a public statement regarding creating a research facility that would focus its efforts on 6G, located in Dresden. Russia is also looking into joining the fun as their Skolkovo Institute of Science has released a statement that predicts the 6G technology will be present by 2035.

A partnership has been made with South Korea to fuel state-based 6G research rather than privately funded in the US. Meanwhile, large telecommunication companies are working on the 6G alliance called the Next G Alliance. The goal of this organization is to do preparatory work for the integration of 6G networking technology across the country.First assumptions suggest that 6G might be up to 100 times faster than currently viable 5G, which transfers into speeds of 1 TB/s.

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